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Events and activities

Latest planned events and activities

The events listed below are organised by us, or by groups or individuals affiliated to us who have asked for their event to be included in this listing.

Two events in April and May
Please consider acting about these NOW!

1. Journey to Justice (Breaking the Chains of Global Debt)
Sunday 18th May
This is a milestone year for the debt campaign, marking ten years since the 70,000-strong human chain encircled the G8 in Birmingham in 1998. As in 1998, we've chartered coaches, but only you can fill them!

Please join us. Booking is urgent - see details here.

2. Drop the Debt Fast
Saturday 12 April - Sunday 18 May
A 36 day rolling fast will demand debt cancellation for 36 poor countries. The fast will begin as the World Bank and IMF hold their spring meetings and end on 18th May when we mark the 10th anniversary of the Birmingham G8 human chain. Please join the fast for a day or more.

Here in the NE, we have our own rolling programme to cover all 36 countries, and suggest that supporters in each Parliamentary constituency take one (or two) examples, details here.

3. Climate Change Bill
April 2008
The Bill will give reduction of greenhouse gas emissions the force of law; determine our course of action for decades to come; and may well, for good or ill, set an example which other countries will follow. Please write a short letter to your MP asking them to sign EDM 736, relating to the Climate Change Bill and to write to the government and press ministers to: set a target for emissions reduction of at least 80% by 2050; include the UK's contribution to international aviation and shipping within the target. See here for details and help in how to do this.

Tearfund Northern Conference - Poverty - Who Cares?
Saturday 26th April 2008
Keynote speaker - Dewi Hughes, Theological advisor to Tearfund.
Venue - Jesmond Parish Church, Newcastle
Details here.

Christian Aid in Action - And Flower Festival
Friday 9th May to Sunday 11th May 2008
Venue - Bondgate Methodist Church, Salt Lane, Darlington
Details here.

Great North Run 2008 - do join us as a runner
If you are running in this years Great North Run - in October - then why not join our team. See here for details.

Up and coming Christian Aid events
Christian Aid have a number of events coming up soon in the North East. Details here.

Previous events and activities

The following gives a flavour of some events and activities that have gone on in the North East over the last year or so - in order of the most recent.


Roadshow - winter or 2007/08
See a short report about the roadshow that we organised this past autumn/winter.

Inconvenient Truth Film Shown - February 13th
On Wednesday evening, 13th February, over a hundred people gathered in the Baptist Church, in Park Avenue, Whitley Bay, to see a screening of Al Gore's Oscar-winning documentary, 'An Inconvenient Truth', about global warming. This was followed by a lively session of discussion, chaired by Revd Paul Newman, with questions being put to Dr David Golding CBE, the Development Coordinator of Make Poverty History North East. More....

Annual general meeting - February 4th 2008
A lively meeting included a review of the previous year's events and activities. See a copy here.

CBE honour - January 2008
Dr David Golding, Development Coordinator of Make Poverty History North East, was honoured with a CBE in the 2008 New Year's Honours List. The award is to be given for "services to the world poverty campaign." Commenting on the honour, David said: "When I took up the cudgels for debt relief in 1997, first as a voluntary spokesperson for Tearfund and then on behalf of the wider Jubilee coalition, I was convinced nobody would listen to a word we said, despite the manifest justice of our case. 'It's us against the World Bank, the IMF, the US Treasury, etc.', I thought. 'What sort of contest is that?' Nevertheless, I knew I would not be able to live with myself unless I did everything in my power to support the campaign. More....


Global Economic Justice Forum Meeting - December 11th Members of the committee attended the meeting in London. Details here

Fairtrade Festival - December 1st - at Grainger Market
Various people and organisations affilated to MAKEPOVERTYHISTORY North East had stalls at this years Christmas market. Details here.

Road show October and November 2007
See a short report about the roadshow. Events that took place included:

2nd November - Auckland. Poster with details here
3rd November - Hartlepool. Poster with details here
3rd November - Cramlington. Poster with details here
24th November - Hexham. Poster with details here
26th November - Jarrow. Poster with details here
27th November - Birtley. Poster with details here

Global Debt Week - 14-21 October 2007
MAKEPOVERTYHISTORY North East joined with Jubilee campaigns in over 30 countries to take part in this week. Details of what we were up to can be found in the October newsletter.

Wed 17th Oct - Stand up and Speak out Against Poverty
Groups in Tyneside joined with over 38 million people in 110 countries to Stand up and Speak out Against Poverty. This international event was organised by the Global Call to Action against Poverty (GCAP).

Stand Ups on Tyneside varied from gatherings of many students at Newcastle University and on the Millennium Bridge, to a group of seven in a beauty salon and a Baptist church home group at which five people 'prayed out' for the MDGs.

A Stand Up event at Newcastle University was organised by the Students' Union. Katy Whitehouse acted as MC and Nicola Martin led the crowd in 'speaking out' for each of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in turn.

The new Vice-Chancellor, Professor Chris Brink, attended the event and expressed his personal and the university's support and appreciation. He recounted the proverb, "No one can sleep soundly when his neighbour is hungry", because he is vulnerable to his neighbour's anger. He then developed the idea by saying that "No one SHOULD sleep soundly when his neighbour is hungry", because he has a moral responsibility to relieve the situation if he can.

Dr David Golding addressed the crowd at the university - a copy of his speech is here.

After the Stand up event at the university, students joined with others at the millenium bridge. Nearly 200 joined in at the university and 143 at the bridge.

Some pictures from the university Stand Up event:
Pic 1 | Pic 2 | Pic 3 | Pic 4 | Pic 5 | Pic 6
Some pictures from the Millenium bridge Stand Up event:
Pic 1 | Pic 2 | Pic 3 | Pic 4 | Pic 5 | Pic 6

September 30th - Great North Run
On a lovely, sunny, still and warm September day, over 40 competitors of the Great North Run ran for various organisations affiliated to MAKEPOVERTYHISTORY North East.
Some pictures just before the run with a 'non-runner' or two including Jonathan Edwards, one of our patrons:
picA   picB   picC   picD   picE   picF   picG   picH   picI
Some pictures at the end of the course with some tired but jubilant runners:
pic1   pic2   pic3   pic4   pic5   pic6   pic7   pic8   pic9   pic10   pic11   pic12   pic13   pic14   pic15   pic16   pic17   pic18   pic19   pic20   pic21   pic22   pic23   pic24   pic25   pic26   pic27

August - Cut the Carbon March was in North East
This was an exciting event organised by Christian Aid. It was the longest ever protest march in UK history. Campaigners marched 1000 miles from Belfast to London to take the 'cut the carbon' message to companies and MPs.

The march passed through the North East in early August with various events in different parts of the North East attended by MAKEPOVERTYHISTORY North East supporters.
See how the marchers got on here. They finished in London on October 2nd.

8th June - Tony Campolo
Tony Campolo, a speaker of international renown, gave a special lunchtime address at Newcastle university. Details here. His talk was entitled "What in the world are you doing?" See a couple of photos of the event here and here and here.

2nd June - Your voice against poverty
Campaigners from the North East joined an estimated 10,000 others from all over the UK, from various organisations, at a gathering in London - prior to the annual G8 meeting.
See for details of this event.
See what the BBC had to say about it.
And see some photos of the event (of course, focussing on the North East bunch in the crowds!)
Pic1 | Pic2 | Pic3 | Pic4 | Pic5 | Pic6 | Pic7 | Pic8 | Pic9 |
And a photo of one supporter who did the return journey from Newcastle by bike!

19th April - Day of action on EPAs
See here how people from the North East contributed to this day of action when many events took place throughtout the country.

Saturday 24th March - Set all Free
Act to end slavery. Today 12 million people live in modern forms of slavery. This event coincided with the bicentenary of the abolition of the slave trade. It was a regional service in Durham Cathedral and was attended by several hundred people. Many supporters of MAKEPOVERTYHISTORY North East attended. Poster with details here.

January 12th - Visit of Hilary Benn to Newcastle
Hilary Benn, Secretary of State for International Development, was a guest of the University. Part of his visit was to attend an open meeting about Trade Justice issues. This meeting was attended by several hundred people. It was introduced by David Golding who gave a short resume of the issues. This was followed by Hilary Benn who gave a speech and then answered questions. An account of the event can be found here and here.

January 8th - Sage event - What a day!!!
Gordon Brown; Bob Geldof; H.E. Benjamin Mkapa (the former President of Tanzania); and other leading figures in the Make Poverty History campaign received honorary degrees from Newcastle University and took part in a debate on poverty issues. This was all in the magnificent setting of the vast Sage concert hall. The event was attended by over 1,200 people.
Read a review of the day here.
Read another review of the day here.
Read some press cuttings of the day here and here.
See the transcript of Gordon Brown's speech on the day here.
See pictures of the day:
Pic 1 | Pic 2 | Pic 3 | Pic 4 | Pic 5 | Pic 6 | Pic 7 |


November 4th - Stop Climate Chaos Rally
Campaigners from the North East travelled to the I Count Rally in London to join about 25,000 others in Trafalgar Square. See what the BBC said about the rally here and here. And see some pictures of the event taken by some of us from the North East here:
Pic 1 | Pic 2 | Pic 3 | Pic 4 | Pic 5 | Pic 6 | Pic 7 | Pic 8 | Pic 9 |

September and October - Road Show
The Month of Action, 14th Sept – 17th Oct, organised by the international Global Call to Action against Poverty (GCAP) was supported by MAKEPOVERTYHISTORY North East. During this month there was a ‘Road Show’ with events at Alnwick, Cramlington, Hexham, Newton Aycliffe, Hartlepool, Dunston, Wallsend, and Newcastle. For example, see a report of the Alnwick meeting here. The month of action was brought to a dramatic close by the 'Stand Up Moment - World Record Attempt' which was a great success. Read all about it

October 1st - Great North Run
It really is an annual event! Over 50 competitors of the Great North Run ran for various organisations affiliated to MAKEPOVERTYHISTORY North East.
Some pictures of a photo shoot the day before:
pic1   pic2   pic3
Some pictures just before the run with a 'non-runner' or two:
pic1   pic2   pic3   pic4   pic5   pic6
Some pictures at the end of the course with some tired but jubilant runners:
pic1   pic2   pic3   pic4   pic5   pic6   pic7   pic8   pic9   pic10   pic11   pic12   pic13   pic14   pic15   pic16   pic17   pic18   pic19   pic20   pic21   pic22
And a sight to spur on the runners at about 9 miles:
And read a report of the day and the experience of one of our runners!

July 8th - 'Drumming the Beat for Trade Justice'
This was an event organised by organised by Christian Aid and supported by MAKEPOVERTYHISTORY North East.
Find out more... and see some pictures of the event.

July 1st - Debt Freedom Day
One year on from the Edinburgh rally. A celebration of 18 countries receiving 100% cancellation of debt owed to the World Bank. Read more and see pictures...

January - Durham Cathedral
More than 1100 people attended a service of thanksgiving and recommitment for MAKEPOVERTYHISTORY North East.
Read more and see pictures...


December - White Band Day III
Campaigners gathered at the Haymarket in Newcastle and walked through the city centre stopping off at various points to demonstrate their support for the third annual white band day. See flyer... and see pictures of the event

November - Mass Lobby at Parliament
On Wednesday 2nd November, over 8,000 campaigners from around the UK joined the lobby with a demand that the UK Government and its European Union (EU) partners stop pushing poor countries to open their markets in approaching world trade talks. It was the largest mass lobby in the history of modern British democracy with trade justice campaigners lobbying 375 MPs in a single day. A coach of campaigners from the North East travelled to London for the day. They successfully met with, and lobbied, several North East MPs. Click here for more details of the day. See some photos of some of the North East 1 ¦ photo 2

September - Great North Run
It is becoming an annual event! Over 50 competitors of the Great North Run ran for MAKEPOVERTYHISTORY. See a photo of some of the runners. If you would like to run in the Great North Run for MAKEPOVERTYHISTORY then contact us.

July - Edinburgh
Saturday 2nd July 2005 - what a day to remember! Over 225,000 people took to the streets of Edinburgh to call on world leaders to act at the G8 summit. 28 coaches were organised by the MAKEPOVERTYHISTORY North East committee which took over 1000 people from all over the North East to Edinburgh for the day. And many other people from the North East made their own way there. The national MAKEPOVERTYHISTORY website has a full overview of the day. The North East contingent were led on the rally by DrumDin - a North East band. See photo...

June - a rickshaw gets involved in the campaign
A rickshaw and flotilla of accompanying bikes goes to Edinburgh!! Find out more...

May - World Debt Day
World Debt Day started life as a North East proposal way back in 2002. By 2005 it was being observed by campaigners in many countries across the world. On World Debt Day, 16th May, supporters of MAKEPOVERTYHISTORY North East decided to put POVERTY where it belongs - into the (history) museum!
Find out more...

April - Global Week of Action on Trade
From 10-16 April 2005, more than 10 million people in 80 countries took part in the Global Week of Action on Trade. All were united in saying 'trade justice not free trade'.

Campaigners from MAKEPOVERTYHISTORY North East mounted what was probably the only real week of campaigning in the country, with a Vigil and Action at the Monument and St Thomas' Church in central Newcastle, from eight till eight, Sunday to Saturday inclusive (in rain, wind and a bit of shine!). Members of the public were encouraged to send postcards to the government to show their support for Trade Justice and over 3,000 were signed and sent off during the week!
See photos of the 1 ¦ photo 2 ¦ photo 3 ¦ photo 4

Other notable features included a rally at the Angel of the North attended by about 400 people, and another at the Monument addressed by Jonathan Edwards, the Olympic Gold Medalist, both on Sunday 10th. Read his speech here. Some North East supporters travelled to London on Friday 16th for an all-night vigil in Whitehall.

March - Launch
Launch meeting of the 2005 MAKEPOVERTYHISTORY campaign in the North East. About 500 people attended a meeting in the Curtis Auditorium, University of Newcastle. The meeting was addressed by Sir Colin Lucas, formerly Vice-Chancellor of Oxford University, and Chris Bain, Director of the relief and development agency CAFOD. See a photo.


December - Meeting with Tony Blair
On Friday 10th December, a group of North East debt and trade campaigners met with the Prime Minister in his constituency in Trimdon, Co. Durham. Read more...

September - Great North Run
Nearly 60 competitors of the Great North Run ran for organisations affiliated to MAKEPOVERTYHISTORY. Between them they raised sponsorship money of nearly £12,000, most of it for aid agencies of their choice, for the prevention of HIV and the care of AIDS sufferers and orphans.
See some pictures...

The above are North East activities. See also what the national Jubilee Debt Campaign, what the national Trade Justice Movement, what the Fairtrade Foundation, and what BOND are up to! And the many organisations that were affiliated to the national MAKEPOVERTYHISTORY campaing of 2005 continue to work, act, and campaign!

"When I became President in 1995… one of my first priorities was to ask for debt relief: you were among my greatest partners in that campaign. As promised, this [relief] was directed to the priority sectors in education, health, water, rural roads and HIV/AIDS.

[For example,] the primary school population has increased by 66%, we have built 45,000 classrooms and recruited 37,250 new teachers... We believe the goal of universal primary education can be attained in 2006, 9 years ahead of the 2015 target!

You in Jubilee Debt Campaign UK have every reason to share with us the satisfaction with these successes… [However] much more can be done with total debt cancellation. On to the Jubilee!!.

President Mkapa of Tanzania, 2005